Plans Available For Sale :


Cantilever Leg Desk Plans
2D and 3D drawings with all needed dimensions to build this desk. Sized to be a sewing or craft desk, but the plans can be easily modified for a taller or shorter desk. Features cantilevered legs so that there is lots of leg room underneath the desk.
Shut-The-Box Game Plans
2D and 3D drawings and guidelines to help you build this historical party game. But more that, this is also a Skill Building project that includes: Piston-Fit nested boxes, Learning to apply Veneer, Gluing in a Suede playing surface, and more!


Multi-Level Plant Stand (or Cat Tree?) Plans
2D and 3D drawings with all needed dimensions to build this lovely airy multi-level plant stand. Though perhaps you would call it a cat tree. Minimal lumber is needed and it is assembled with just screws.
Simple Stepstool Plans
This contains all the instructions from the video, along with 2D and 3D measured drawings, as well as some traceable 1:1 plans that give you another way to measure things to be cut out. All in one PDF you can print out and bring into the shop.


Walnut Entry Bench Plans
This includes 2D and 3D drawings with all needed dimensions to build this lovely walnut bench. It is designed to be assembled with just screws. The notched leg is the most complicated piece. As a bonus, 1:1 traceable plans are included for the curved leg, so you can just trace those!
Garage Sports & Toy Organizer Plans
This includes Step-by-step instructions, and also 3D drawings with all the dimensions noted to build a modular Sports Equipment and Outdoor Toy Organizer for your garage.


Swing Arm Lamp Plans
Simple traceable 1:1 plans to build my Swing Arm Lamp. This design features a hidden cord channel INSIDE the lamp arm, so that the power cord is hidden away.
1950s Nesting Tables Plans
My dad built the smaller table over 65 years ago. I took inspiration from that and made a matching larger one such that the two now nest together. Measured Drawings are included for BOTH tables. Make your own heirloom!


Mid Century Modern Tray Plans
Perfect for the beginning woodworker, this tray is easy to build, and yet has the classy elegant lines of mid-century modern furniture. Simple 1:1 plans included, just trace them!
Table Top Easel Plans
This is a simple attractive design, perfect for the beginning woodworker. You don't need a shop full of tools to build this.


Mission Bench Plans
This Mission style bench is built with simple techniques. It is sturdy, strong, and stylish. Plans for my Mission Style side table are also included in this package. Two for one!
Noisy Pushtoy Plans
This intricate child's toy is a chance to make an heirloom that will be cherished for years. But yes, it also makes a LOT OF NOISE. Illustrated instructions and 1:1 plans are included


Knockdown Guitar Stand Plans
Build this custom guitar stand as a place to both securely hold, and beautifully display your guitar. It knocks down flat into just three pieces for storage or transport, but locks together securely with no mechanical fasteners. 1:1 plans.
Mission Nightstand (and Dresser!) Plans
Measured drawings/plans to help you build this Mission style nightstand (Bedside table). As a bonus, plans for a tall matching dresser are also included!


Fliptop Planer Stand Plans
Build this stand and you can fit two tools in the space of one in your shop. Detailed PDF plans included.
Harvest Table Plans
Measured drawings/plans of TWO different styles of Harvest tables.


X-wing Birdhouse Plans
Measured drawings/plans to help you build this X-Wing style Birdhouse.
Tablesaw Stand Plans
Build your own version of this mobile workstation/base for your tablesaw. It is 100% mobile, and adds tons of storage to the workhorse of your shop.


Shaker Style Stepstool Plans
A shaker-style two-step stepstool, in contrasting hardwoods.
Theo's Castle Plans
A modular kit of various pieces. Build as many as you want, and your child can build, and rebuild, many different castles, limited only by their imagination.


Nesting Beach Chair plans
Build your own lightweight, strong, and comfortable chairs for use at the beach, camp, or cottage.

More Plans :

If you are interested in requesting plans for any of my other projects, or have any other suggestions or comments, please see the "Contact" link under the "About" menu at the top of this page.

I can't promise to honour every request, but if I receive several, it will indicate to me a strong level of interest.