Woodworking Projects and Plans,
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Laptop Stand

When using a laptop at a desk, a laptop stand really helps with the viewing and other ergonomics. Here's my simple design.

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File Cabinet Organizer Boxes

I don't file much paper, so some sliding tray boxes make the filecabinet more useful

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Sit-Stand Desk with Wings

Making a gorgeous Walnut desktop for a motorized sit-stand frame, but with pull-out 'Wings'

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Osage Orange Bleeds

A story about what I found when I tried using Osage Orange to make Spatulas

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Acetone Toner Xfer

How to use a laser printout and acetone to label my projects

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Arbor Nut Catching Experiment

I want to prevent the arbor nut from dropping into the Dust Collector pipe when I drop it. Let's Try Magnets!

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Floating Walnut Shelves

I set out to build some simple triangular shelves, but a spectacular piece of Walnut made it extra special.

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Project From The Archives...

(I've been posting woodworking projects to the web in one form or another since 1996.)

One-Of-A-Kind Push Toy: Let me show you how I made this rather noisy heirloom push toy.

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