About: your host

Hello! My name is Art, and I’ve been woodworking as a hobby since 1995. That pretty much coincides with the origins of the World Wide Web, and I’ve been writing about my hobby online in some form or other pretty much since the beginning.

About: The Collection

This is a collection of documents showing my various woodworking projects and related writings. Some of these web pages provide fairly detailed instructions and commentary, and some (primarily the early projects) are nothing much more than a few photos or diagrams.

In the early days of my hobby I did not own a digital camera. Hence the photo quality (and quantity!) is not always the best on the older projects.

Midway through 2014 I started posting on youtube. Very quickly this has grown to be a large part of my hobby. These days most projects have an accompanying build video so you can choose if you like to read an article or watch. Personally, I recommend both.

About: The Name

Why “Wordsnwood”?

Quite simply, I like to build things and write about it. And so, when I set up my website I settled on “Words And Wood”, which became WordsNWood.com. Making videos came much later, and I’ve decided to just keep the name as is.

About: Other Publications

I wrote for Canadian Home Workshop magazine from 2004 until they folded in 2014. Therefore, a number of projects found here may also be found, in another form, in that magazine or on their website. (Last time I checked, the magazine website was still active, even though the magazine is no more. That may change at any time, of course.)

I have also written for Lee Valley Tools online newsletter and for thewoodworkersnews.com