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Dust Pipe Rethink


First, I decided that I had too much DC pipe in my shop, as I almost never use the DC pipe for the drill press, and I also have started using a shopvac for my 3 sanders at the end of the DC line. The sanders seem to do better with the higher velocity air of a shopvac.

So there was no reason to have my existing Dust line extend past the tablesaw. And if it wasn't there, then the DC would not have to pressurize that pipe, so I have to believe that removing that would improve overall performance. So out with the old 4in pipe.

Second, I wanted to improve things for those three sanders.

Instead of having to manually swap the shopvac hose from tool to tool, I added some 2-1/2in pipe and blast gates so all three tools are already plumbed for dust collection. I will just leave the Shop vac loosely connected at the end of the pipe. I can still remove it when I need to use the shopvac on it's own.

All of this is shown in the video above. Hope you get some ideas that you can use in your own shop!

Some of the Tools/Supplies Used In This Project: (Affiliate Links)

SensGard ZEM hearing protection
Long Ranger Dust Collector remote control switches
Fein Turbo 1 Shopvac
2-1/2in DC Fittings
Powertec Expandable Hose
2-1/2in Blue Loc-Line Hose

I bought my 2-1/2in DC parts at Lee Valley as that was convenient for me, but they appear to be identical to the Powertec dust collector fittings linked above on Amazon. Here are the part numbers from Lee Valley that I used:

03J6083 : 90-degree elbow
03J6087 : Pipe Coupler
03J6070 : U-Brackes
03J6082 : Y-connector
03J6086 : 36" pipe
03J6081 : 2-1/2" Blast gates
03J6062 : Expandable Vacuum Hose
05J2113 : 2-1/2" Shop Vac Hose.

You can search for those specific part numbers, or go to and search for: 2-1/2" Dust Collection Fittings.

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