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Laptop Storage Tower


I had just finished my last day at work before the 2023 Christmas Holidays. We'd cut out a bit early, and I was home in the mid afternoon. I just felt like playing in the shop, and had an idea to build a little scrap wood project to make a laptop storage shelf that could hold two or three laptops.

I just wanted to have some fun in the shop, and also make something useful to me. I knew that this would be of interest to virtually no one else, so I didn't feel any need to make a video about this. And it would be fun to not worry about filming.

But then I thought, that maybe I'd film a bit of it on my cellphone, just for instagram, or maybe a YouTube short... But the more I thought about it I also thought about how so many channels shut down over Christmas, so that there are very few new videos released. So I thought that there might be some folks out there who just enjoy "dropping by my shop" and seeing what I'm working on. So that lead to the youtube video, linked above.

It's still very rough, shot on a cellphone, with some shaky hand held footage and some audio issues. But I was focussed on having fun in the shop and not so much on video production.

Hope you found something of interest, and maybe got some ideas for your own workshop. And have a great Holiday and a peaceful new year!

HERE BELOW is a short photo album meant to accompany the video above, not replace it.

Here was the situation: Two laptop cluttering up part of my work desk. One Mac, one Windows. Both needed to be available to be used by mself or a co-worker when we left the office.

I tried just stacking them on an old (no-longer-used) monitor stand that I had made. I liked that this consolidated the space, but it was not very ergonomic or attractive.

BELOW are photos of the finished piece

Some of the Tools/Supplies Used In This Project: (Affiliate Links)

Painter's Pyramids
Rust Oleum clear Lacquer
Rust-Oleum clear Lacquer
Watco Spray Lacquer

3M Finishing Pads / Scotch Brite
Freud Glue Line Ripping Blade
Freud Thin Kerf 10" Combination blade
Freud Full Kerf 10" Combination blade
Freud Dado blades (I have a Canadian Tire branded dado blade, but I'd look at Freud if I was shopping now)
I use a 6" wide base plate on my trim router, from Lee Valley 6in wide base plate for trim router (From Lee Valley, non affiliate)
Fein Turbo 1 Shopvac

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