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Wood Jack-o-Lanterns


I was inspired by a few other woodworkers to make some simple wooden jack-o-lanterns. Our kids are now grown, so they no longer are interested in carving pumpkins, but we still like to have some displays up for trick-or-treat'ing.

I wanted to keep things simple so I tried to just use three simple tools: a Drill, a Jigsaw, and a small Circular saw. I did cheat and use an air nailer as well, but you can assemble all the parts using a hammer and nails. For wood, I just used some (cedar) fence boards from the home center. If you want a rustic look, you could cut up a pallet, or find some old barn boards or similar.

Finally, I wanted to paint mine, since real pumpkins are orange.

Please watch the video above for building guidance. This document is a place where I can make available the 3D "plans" that I used as guidelines while building this.

Some of the Tools/Supplies Used In This Project: (Affiliate Links)


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