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DIY bucket cyclone separator

Experimenting with a cheap and easy method to add a cyclone pre-separator to my shopvac

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Simple Shop Vac Fix

It sounded like it was about to break, but the fix turned out to be easy. Don't be afraid to take things apart!

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Hello Internet Nail and Gears Plaque

Carving and Framing the official flag of Hello Internet : nerdiness ahead!

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Worst job in my shop

A quick simple shop tip to make this as painless as possible. (Still the worst job!)

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Fan Fix Hack

It was a broken fan, but we can rebuild it! It's a total hack job, but who cares?

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Exotic Red Nightstand

Maple and African Padauk come together in this shaker-styled bedside cabinet. Yes, the colour is all-natural!

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Small Drawer Lock Joint

Another way of making drawers with one router bit and one router table setup.

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Project From The Archives...

(I've been posting woodworking projects to the web in one form or another since 1996.)

Double Decker Nightstand : A unique two-level design implemented in Padauk and Maple. (Updated in 2015 with more photos, plans, and instructions.)

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