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T8 vs T8 LEDs

Comparing some new plug-and-play T8 LED bulbs to regular fluorescent T8 bulbs

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Tool Bag Organizer

A simple and easy-to-build wooden insert to bring order to your grab-and-go toolkit

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Barbecue Platter

It's Not A Cutting Board! (But it does use many similar techniques...)

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A Board With A Hole

A tour of my cheap and simple homemade router tables

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Custom Laminated Canoe Paddle

Just because I'm going to bang it on rocks, doesn't mean it can't be beautiful!

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Tall Mission Dresser

Making a matching piece for the Mission Nightstand

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Canoe Paddle Rack

A simple little project to bring some order to your camping supplies storage.

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Project From The Archives...

(I've been posting woodworking projects to the web in one form or another since 1996.)

Custom Headphone Holders: Building some fun stands to hold your headphones. A fun and creative father+son project.

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